Latest Work

BUNGALOW Conversion

This project was a conversion of an outdated bungalow in the midlands. The client wanted to upgrade the existing property and also have an ancillary small 2 bed property.

The Bungalow_View 1
The Bungalow_View 2
The Bungalow_View 3

Conversion of property in the UK

Exactly as the title, this was a conversion of an outdated house in the midlands. The client wanted to expand the current property and design it with a contemporary feel. It's currently going through planning permission so hopefully, it will get the go-ahead.

Kinsford_Property_349 Birmingham Road_Final.jpg

Magazine Feature Design for PFA Magazine '4theplayer' / January 2017

I had the opportunity recently to collaborate with the very talented design Dermot Rushe on a magazine feature for the PFA Magazine '4theplayer'. For those that don't know what PFA stands for, it's 'The Professional Footballers Association'. Dermot wanted to do 5 double page spreads showcasing the 'greatest gear of 2017'. The brief was pretty loose, I was given a list of the products per pages and the style required, it was certainly challenging but great to be pushing myself artistically. It was also a welcome change from the architectural style, I'm used to. Anyway have a look and see what you think. Credits to Dermot Rushe - Art Director, Barry Makariou - Photographer and Gary Stuckey - Retoucher.